Stroller Strides!

October 22, 2019

By Haley


Calling all the mamas out there!

Let’s just be real, nothing is really the same after having kids. Sleep (miss it), going out (what’s that?), but the thing I want to talk about right now is exercise. After I had my first I found it challenging finding time to work out. I have always been a fan of getting in a good work out so finding a way that worked with my new life was really important for me.

Once I was cleared at eight weeks by my doctor I started running. I would go after I had put Sam to bed and run a few miles before I would come back to unwind for the night. While it was important for me to make the time for exercise I found it lonely and mentally exhausting to spend most of my relaxation time out running.

One night I decided I was going to look for a mommy and me work out class so that I could exercise, socialize, and get my own time to unwind after Sam was asleep. The first thing that popped up for me was a life changer.

Stroller Strides.

our stroller

My new beast of a stroller.

Stroller Strides is one of the many awesome programs run by FIT4MOM, a company that stands for strength in motherhood. Stroller Strides is a sixty minute total body work out designed for moms with stroller age kiddos. You can get in a great work out, engage with other moms (talking to any grown up can be a big deal as a new mama), and your kids can have fun too!

I was scared to join at first because I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t want to be the odd man out, but I was trying to be a better stronger version of myself for my little Sam. So I signed up for the free trial class and went the next day. The women there were so nice and I felt so welcomed into this amazing group.

Flash forward to now and I am now an instructor with FIT4MOM, and I teach a Stroller Strides class a couple days a week! I get to go provide that same awesome environment and attitude that helped me when I needed it.

Plus, you aren’t only getting a work out in but you are showing your kids how fun it can be to exercise! So many wins with a group of strong mamas! If you feel like giving it a try yourself find a Stroller Strides groups in your area and go for your free trial class!

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