Chores Galore

October 24, 2019

By Haley


Ok, so one thing you have to know about me is… I like lists… ok I love lists. So I wanted to have a chore chart for myself and I also wanted a chore chart for Sammy. I just love that feeling of checking something off a list and then seeing a list of things you’ve accomplished that day.

I wanted to find one that I could keep using and that I could put on the fridge. I found this awesome one on Amazon by the Passionate Penny Pincher. The whole thing is magnetic so it can easily go on your fridge, and it came with one for me with basic household chores, a blank one, one for kids(that can be used for multiple kids), and a menu planner.

Chore Chart

Sammy’s Chore Chart

We have added some of our own chores to each of our charts. For Sammy we added feeding our dog Aria (the beautiful pup pictured below), and being awesome!


Our crazy husky Aria (Photo credit goes to my mom)

I love using this chart and it has helped keep me on track with the stuff I do around the house. I really love the one for Sam though.

In the morning she has to make her bed, get dressed, put pjs in the hamper, have breakfast, brush her teeth (I still do that for her), brush hair (I normally do this too), and feed Aria breakfast.
Then during the day and the evening she has to do homework (doing school with me), clean up her toys and bedroom, feed Aria dinner, take her plate over after dinner, take a bath, read a bedtime story, and of course be awesome.

I have her check off her chart in the morning and at night (she just does a line across instead of a check mark and says it’s a hotdog…) and if she has done all her chores then she gets a coin. She then gets to put the coin she earned into her piggy bank and she can learn to save money for something she wants in the future. If she helps with any additional chores like mopping or using the dust buster to vacuum a little I’ll also give her an extra coin at the end of the day.

I think it is a great way to teach kids about responsibility and saving while keeping it fun!

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